Operating Principles

  • Transitex Organizational Sensitivity
  • Organizational Sensitivity

    We embrace our brand

    Brand ambassador 

    We embrace our Brand as or personal flag and we nurture to build a global vision (where "the whole is a greater than the sum of its parts").

    Respect for Leadership

    We cherish Company's and Leadership opinion because of its experience and seniority and we seek to learn with them without stick to conformity.


  • Transitex Results-Driveness
  • Results-Driveness

    We strive for results

    Determination & Tenacity

    We are focused and oriented to results, never giving up and never accepting no as something definitive.


    We do it right the first time and we deliver effective and reliable solutions to our Customers needs.


  • transitex personal Traits
  • Personal Traits

    We seek new solutions

    Creativity & Improvisation

    We adapt to new and unexpected situations and we identify positive ways to solve problems and overcome difficulties.

    Know-how and Learning

    We see continuous learning as a legacy and we are determined to ensure that our knowledge and competencies are collectively unique.

And we do all what we do it a unique sense of commitent and dedication to our company, our Work, our Custumers and our people.