Corporate Responsibility

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • The greatest asset of our company are our employees. Our teams create logistics solutions that meet the needs of our customers and their requirements. So we feel the need not only to create a good working environment within the organization, but also to offer our employees opportunities for growth and development.

    Thus we guarantee:

    1. Compliance with labor standards and workers' rights.
    2. A safe and comfortable working environment.
    3. Opportunities for intellectual growth for our employees. Transitex financially supports its employees studies and gives them access to internal training.
    4. Several leisure activities are promoted in order to break the work routine, reinforcing the team spirit and increasing motivation.

    All Transitex offices have ISO 9001 quality certification; which testifies the transparency and efficiency of the company'smodus operandi, always seeking to increase the confidence of our stakeholders.


  • Social Responsibility

  • Transitex seeks to have a positive role in the communities that are close to them, by organizing or participating, whenever possible, in solidarity initiatives with various causes, focusing on their work with institutions in developing countries where Transitex is present.

    Transitex considers to be its responsibility and duty to contribute to the development of communities that surround it, not considering itself as a mere economic agent service provider.