Reefer Cargo

Transitex has a status and a solid reputation for refrigerated products transport. We can list, as an example of our perishable cargo, fruits, vegetables, fish and dairy products. In 2019, we transported over 30.000 TEUs of reefer cargo by sea, approximately one third of our total containerized cargo that year.

The logistics operation inherent to the transport of temperature sensitive products requires experienced professionals who know your cargo and can offer you transit times, storage and transportation to the final destination appropriate to the requirements of each product. Our team’s know how regarding the ideal temperature, humidity and ventilation, combined with the technology use ensures efficient cargo transportation.

Our service includes much more than transportation: from customs clearance, choosing insurance, to contacting the agencies that regulate imports and exports in each country, we manage the entire operation.

Elvas Reefer Warehouse

In Elvas, inside Transitex’s logistics platform, a 2.257m2 refrigerated warehouse. At just 9km from Spain, it has road connections to the ports of Leixões, Lisbon, Setubal and Sines. At this reefer warehouse, we offer services such as: customs clearance, issuance of DME and deposit of title, shipping processes, phytosanitary inspection, cross-docking, among others. On our cold warehouse, refrigerated cargo that enters Europe through the Portuguese mainland ports is unloaded in the presence of a customs inspector. After the clearance is issued, the cargo can be transported to its final destination, which may be in any country whithin the European Union.

Ideal Shipping Conditions for Reefer Cargo and Shelf Life

Product Shelf Life Temperature Cº Humidity
Avocado (Tropical) 4 weaks 8º a 13º 90% a 95%
Damascus 1 a 4 weaks -0,5º a 0º 90% a 95%
Banana 3 weaks 14º 90%
Cherry 1 a 3 weaks -0,5º a +0,5º 90% a 95%
Plum 2 a 5 weaks -1º a 0º 90% a 95%
Pomegranate 8 weaks 0º a 2º 90% a 95%
Kiwi 2 a 3 meses 90% a 95%
Lemon 1 a 3 meses 12º a 14º 90% a 95%
Mango 2 a 3 weaks 10º a 14º 90%
Apple 2 a 7 meses -1º a +1º 90% a 95%
Peach and Nectarine 2 a 5 weaks -1º a 0º 90% a 95%
Orange 1 a 3 meses 3º a 8º 90% a 95%
Tangerine and Mandarin Orange 3 a 8 weaks 5º a 8º 90% a 95%
Rocha Pear 1 a 8 meses -1º a 0 90% a 95%
Papaya 2 a 3 weaks 10º 90%
Pineapple 2 a 3 weaks 8º a 12º 90% a 95%
Grapefruit 1 a 2 meses 12º a 14º 90% a 95%
Grape 1 a 5 meses -1º a 0º 90% a 95%
Watermelom 2 a 3 weaks 5º a 6º 85%
Melon 3 weaks 10º a 14º 90%
Onion 38 weaks 0º a 4º 75%
Pepper 2 weaks 7º a 10º 90%
Brocolis 1 a 2 weaks 0º a 4º 90% a 95%

*Transitex is not responsible for the use of this information by third parties.
**The indicated shelf life depends on meeting optimal conditions and maintaining the cold chain.

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