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The logistics and transport sector is highly dynamic and competitive, requiring constant adaptation and learning. At Transitex, our team works in a distinctive and unique environment where dedication and professionalism are combined with a horizontal and open-door organizational structure, creating constant growth opportunities and resulting in a close relationship between employee and brand.

We value people, it is our team that has the greatest value of the company, our know-how. That is why we promote individual autonomy, the spirit of initiative and promote teamwork as the best strategy to achieve results.

The value proposition that Transitex offers is:

  • Career opportunity in an internationally renowned business group;
  • Broad, diversified training program based on the acquisition of key sector skills;
  • Possibility of internal mobility in the company in the short and medium term in order to meet new challenges;
  • Dynamic and informal working environment.
On top of…

Transitex regularly promotes initiatives to enhance its human capital, which include exchange of employees between the company’s various locations; participation in accelerated learning programs; continuous feedback; recognition initiatives of high potential employees; possibility to attend business events, Transitex Runners… and much more!

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See the testimonials of our team!

Victoria Yanez

Country Manager
Victoria Yanez

Country Manager

Transitex Peru is more than just the company I work for, it’s my second home. I allow myself to speak of Transitex as a place with a warm and pleasant atmosphere, where my day-to-day co-workers make me grow as a person, motivating me to do the same for them.
Professionally, the opportunities Transitex has given me are invaluable. In January 2017 I was given the vote of confidence to be responsible for the company in Peru. It’s amazing how much I learn every day, for instance: knowing and understanding the transport needs of different perishable products, finding different modes of transport and dealing with large cargo projects.
The challenge I’ve set to myself within the company are increasing our business, to help my colleagues grow, to motivate them to think big and to keep in mind that only hard work done willingly will bring us positive results.
Transitex in Peru has a team of professionals of extraordinary humanity and the highest professionalism, as expected in any Transitex office in the world.
I am very proud to be part of a company with such international prestige as Transitex, which is concerned with the growth of its employees, contributes to their training, including exchanges between countries, giving them opportunities for professional development and relying on the capabilities of all collaborators.
For me, working at Transitex is the best way to grow professionally.

Andrés Bravo

The good luck of coming to Transitex was due to ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) and its internship program. After two years of training in different areas of international trade – with a theoretical part in Madrid and a practical part in the commercial office of the Spanish Embassy in the USA – I started my professional career in this sector at Transitex’s branch in Johannesburg (South Africa).
From the beginning I tried to get involved in operations as well as developing the company’s business in this country and its relations with other foreign companies. Thanks to the constant support of my colleagues from all Transitex offices around the world I have been able to learn a lot about the sector and thus grow professionally.
Transitex has given me the opportunity to be part of the incredible development of the company, growing together and now allowing me to be in charge of the Johannesburg office, immersed in a project with great potential and from which I hope to see results!

Carla Vieira

Finnances Manager

In 2012, through an internal recruitment of the group (at the time Mota-Engil Group), I accepted the challenge of being part of the Transitex team – the company that organizes air, land and sea transportation of group and non-group clients.
Transitex is an enviable growth company and already has 10 branches around the world, which makes it extremely rewarding to be part of this project.
As Transitex’s financial manager, I had the opportunity to meet the company branches and to work directly with them. The level of demand of my work increases daily and with it also my commitment and motivation.

Cristiano Lázaro

Operational Technique

I’ve started at Transitex Operational Department, which gave me the necessary confidence to engage conversations with clients, allowed me to get to know the documentations involved and taught me to understand quotations.
At the moment, even though I still am an Operational, I’m fascinated by the sales department – learn to recognize the clients need and know how to meet them, solve bureaucratic issues, preform market research, find the best quotations, raise new contracts and consequently, generate more profit to the Company.
My goal is to continue with this project. Hopefully create a sustainable basis which will allow me to be responsible for an office abroad.

Catarina Pinto

Operational Technique

When I started working at Transitex I was 21 years old and did not really know what to expect. I thought I would only come for an internship because I had finished my degree and needed to get to work in order to apply, deepen and extend what I had learned, so as to be able to start my career in this field. However, I quickly realized that after all, what I knew was only a tiny part of the world of “Shipping”. Fortunately, I was welcome as part of this company and with the help of all the people who work with me and the knowledge, I acquired in the experiences that I lived, made me the person and the professional I am today.
Due to how demanding this area is and to my inexperience, I went through very difficult situations of great stress, but these same moments make us grow and learn how to do better, so we can know how to act when they upcoming difficulties arise. Here we are always learning, because every day there is a new and sometimes unusual situation, we as freight forwarders, we must have the ability to give the best solutions to our customers so that they can trust us and our work. Basically, I think that this is the feature that distinguishes us.
Until now, I have had the opportunity to work in the area ofdocumentation, Import, Export Operations, Reefer area and finally, as coordinator of the Reefer Department. Through all the departments I went, I was fortunate to be able to share the work with spectacular people, with a huge team spirit and mutual aid capacity that motivates us to work. This makes us feel that the work after all is not so demanding, which in reality is.
As a consequence of the work developed in the Reefer Department, in which the bulk is the export of refrigerated containers to Brazil, I always had the curiosity to experience how it would be on the other side to understand and learn the whole process that is carried out until the arrival of the container end customer. Little did I know that after almost three years at Transitex, would emerge the opportunity to manage the Operational Department in our office in Santos. I honestly did not expect this invitation, but decided to embrace the challenge, to do my best.
Of course, this decision will change completely my personal and my professional life, because I leave behind my family, friends, people I love working with every day, who grew up with me in this house and others that taught me what I know today.
On the other hand, I know that I will have all new experiences and I will meet new people who will help me grow more as a person and as a professional. Basically, I want to learn more about this world, to be able to come back with more knowledge and more skills.
I’ll take a little bit of all the people who accompanied my growth and helped me here, and I hope me feel so good in Brazil, as I feel here in Lisbon!

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